Grip Seal Bags
We can supply printed grip seal bags in various colours, sizes and styles. All our branded grip seal bags can have an environmentally friendly additive called biothene included which will cause the bags to degrade within 18 months.

The grip seal bags are made from polythene and this can be any colour you wish and the minimum order quantity is from 1000 bags depending on size and print.

The standard delivery time is 15 working days from receipt of order, however if you require a shorter lead time please discuss with our sales team and please discuss with our sales team any other queries you may have.

Extra information ...

Grip seal bags have two plastic ridges at the top of the bag that when pressed click closed together. These ridges create a resealable seal that can be used time and time again. The seal keeps products fresher for longer and is ideal when leakage needs to be avoided. Due to its versatility we supply these bags to various industries particularly the retail, medical and food sectors. As CFN is BRC accredited to AA standard you can be assured that grip seal bags for food packaging have been manufactured to the highest food safety standards. We can produce these bags with a clear window to provide product visibility if you require.

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